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July 11, 2019

When Krishna saved the life of Yudhishthira spiritual kahaniya in English

When Krishna saved the life of Yudhishthira spiritual kahaniya in English

Friends are welcome in spritual kahaniya and I am your friend, Mungeri Dhalia.

Friends, it is very difficult to describe the glory of  devi Draupadi in words. You know, when the evil dushasan tried to take away the clothes of Draupadi, then no one came forward to help him, he prayed all But no one helped them. Even her husband did not help her. When Draupadi lost most of her request, then in the end, she prayed to Lord Shri Krishna.Krishna came running from Dwarka the same moment and thus protecting Draupadi, Lord Krishna had saved Pandavas many times. This is the only thing that Pandavas were living in the forest. Then, in their cottage, the people of Durvasa came and say to Yudhishtir ji to arrange his food. Today we and our disciples will eat food here. Yudhishtir said you come to bath and now I just arrange food.

Durvasa ji and his disciples went to the bath. And Yudhishtir went to Draupadi ji and told him that Rishi Durvas has come and he and his disciple will eat this food today.

Draupadi, showing empty utensil, said that there is no food today. Yudhishtir ji was worried that the monk would be stomached off our house. This can not be done. Before this, I will give up my life. That is when Draupadi Ji had them
Said that we pray to Shri Krishna, they will surely help us.
And he prayed to Shri Krishna, then Shri Krishna went there and told Draupadi Ji that I am hungry. Make me some food. Then Draupadi ji said that O Krishna, the meal has ended today. Then Shri Krishna said that those who can feed the whole world. They do not have food in their house. Krishna did not say this to the person, he could actually feed the entire world because they have a There was a akshay patra in which food was never eaten, that person could get the food from whatever he wanted. But after eating all the food, when he cleaned the character, then he did not get any food later. Had to eat. And as usual, Pandavas had taken food and Draupadi had cleaned it. But at the behest of Krishna, he brought that character to Shri Krishna. In that character, there was a leaf sticking on the edge. Krishna ji ate that leaf and drank water. The hunger of the whole world got wiped out by doing so. Due to Durvasa ji and his disciples, the hunger was eroded and they left from there.

Thus, Shri Krishna has protected the lives of Yudhisthir ji.

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